MacJays, Comfortable, Modern, and Stylish Clothing for Women

MacJays clothes are designed for women who prefer a comfortable yet stylish wardrobe that’s modern and feminine. MacJays offers versatile garments, allowing you to wear them in most seasons and to mix and match. By adding accessories and pairing them with other garments, many of the clothes can achieve a smart look or be dressed down for a more casual look. When looking for clothing designed by MacJays, you’ll see our online store has an extensive selection, and the MacJays brand is well known for its high-quality garments.


What You Can Expect From MacJays Clothing for Women

We are proud to be stockists of the MacJays brand that has been known for its pants for many years and its other women’s clothing items over more recent years. All MacJay’s designs consider fit, fabric, femininity, style and comfort. Their pants are flattering for all sizes while being comfortable to wear all day or night. When you buy their clothing, you’re buying garments that will last you many seasons thanks to the high-quality fabrics and excellent manufacturing standards.

  • The MacJays ranges include casual and tailored items ensuring you’ll find both casual and smart outfits. They have collections for the summer and winter seasons, so if you love their clothing as much as we do, you can wear it all year long.
  • Most fabrics used consist of cotton, polyamide, and elastane, ensuring the garments fit comfortably and allow for easy movement. Other fabrics used are rayon, nylon, and elastane.
  • You’ll find several styles and colours of jackets, vests, skirts, knitwear, t-shirts, shorts, pants, and dresses, many of which pair well to create a unique outfit.
  • Denim jackets are available in indigo, black, and white and are a must-have all year round, especially during the season changes. They work perfectly over a summer tee, blouse, sweater, or jumper.

The Versatility You Can Achieve with MacJays Pants

When you buy pants from the MacJays range, you will be pleasantly surprised at how versatile their tailored pants and shorts, caprices, jeggings, and jeans are. Add a jacket or blouse, change the shoes and voila, you have an outfit that is smart or casual and for cool or warm weather.

  • MacJays’ white pants in both the tailored and caprice ranges are perfect for day or night. Wear them with a pretty blouse and blazer at the office or a denim jacket for a more casual look.
  • No need to limit wearing your crop pants to just the summer, these pants are suitable for most weather conditions. Wear them with pumps or sandals and a light summer tee or blouse during the hot summer days. In cooler weather, wear them with sneakers and a pullover, and on colder days, tuck them into your favourite pair of high boots and add a jumper and winter coat.
  • Jeans are suitable for most occasions and can be for casual or smarter events depending on what top, jacket, and shoes you wear. The design of MacJays jeans focuses on comfort and making your butt look fantastic.
  • MacJays jeggings are luxuriously comfortable yet very stylish, available in black, chambray, indigo, and white so that you can pair them with a top of any colour or style. Worn with boots, sneakers, pumps, sandals, or a sexy pair of heels, these jeggings are suitable for almost any occasion.

The History of MacJays, Available in Australia and New Zealand

MacJays was founded by Russell Jones and Andy McDonald in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1976. They came up with the brand’s name by combining the letters Mc and J from their surnames. Russell headed the design side and Andy the sales, and their success began in the fashion industry. They targeted the fashion and body-conscious market, focusing on casual and tailored pants, branching out in 1978 with edgy t-shirt designs. By 2016 they had transitioned from primarily designing pants and extended their clothing range to include an extensive selection of women's clothing. They continue to gain inspiration from retail feedback and trips to Europe and the USA to ensure they continue producing the clothing they’ve become famous for.

If you wish to find out more about the range of MacJays clothing we stock or have any other queries, please contact us, and we will gladly assist you.

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